Welcome to Wheaton Castle!

We're from Nerdcrafteria. We don't lie.

Wheaton Castle owners:
Plaaank (Aubreebree) and Leia_Elhromane (SweetMadameBlue).

Sponsored by FuckkYeahWilWheaton

Wheaton Castle now has puppies! Thanks to Crimson_Regret!
This is Marlowe (red) and Riley (green). Seamus is off somewhere. Getting into all kinds of great trouble no doubt. His collar is/will be black. 
I don’t know how to change puppy skins like people can with kitty skins. I got some raw fish to find some cats though, hopefully…
The castle rebuild is coming along. (I keep typing rebuilt. IDEK.)
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  • 19 December 2012
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